Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs springs usually are mounted on an anchor bracket and situated in the above-center part of your garage door. It primarily lifts and lowers the weight of your door and is therefore greatly important in keeping your garage door in good shape. When your torsion springs become damaged, your door can end up in an unbalanced position or even slam to the ground, damaging its panels, destroying your car, and even injuring you in the process. It can also get stuck and prevent you from driving in and out of your garage.

Garage Door Springs

You can always opt to repair torsion springs on your own, but remember that going the DIY route can result to injuries and damaged properties when not done correctly. So, to avoid all the hassle, it’s better to call professional garage door repair services companies. But here the thing: before you hire a company, you have to find one that can provide
you with high-quality services.

One way to do this is to look for a business that follows the industry’s best practices. Here are at Dream Garage Door Michigan, for instance, we take certain steps to ensure that your door will stay in excellent shape for a long time and won’t have to be repaired every now and then. Through these steps, we can also help you save a substantial amount of money and avoid the costs and stress of having a broken garage door.

Some of best practices we follow include:


  1. Replacing both springs

As a car owner, you know that it’s advisable to replace both the rear or the front tires (instead of just changing one tire) because it ensures that your car vehicle is properly balanced and will stay stable on the road. The same principle applies to torsion springs. When you get the help of Dream Garage Door Michigan, we usually advise you to have both garage door springs replaced. This way, your door will have two new springs that will give it excellent support and ensure it functions properly.


  1. Choosing the right springs

Our technicians here at Dream Garage Door Michigan know that installing the wrong kind of garage door springs won’t only damage your garage door’s framework but will also add extra pressure on the garage door opener and eventually destroy it. Because of this, our garage door experts will carefully assess your door to know exactly which type of spring can best support its weight and give it the right balance. They will also do a balance test afterward to know if the springs do their job well.


  1. Doing a safety inspection

When garage door springs fail it can be a standalone issue, but it can also indicate a bigger problem with your garage door’s inner workings. With this in mind, our technicians will perform a full safety inspection when repairing your door’s springs. This way, we can spot any current or potential problems and fix them before they turn into major disasters.