Garage Door Maintenance.

Many people don’t really pay attention to their Garage Door Maintenance, until these break down and cause a lot of hassle. Don’t make the same mistake; instead, as early as possible, invest in garage door maintenance services.

garage door maintenance

What exactly is a garage door tune-up?

Well, it’s similar in principle to going to your doctor and getting an annual physical checkup or bringing your car to your mechanic for a yearly inspection. With a garage door tune-up, a technician can spot existing problems in your garage door and fix them right away. He can also identify potential issues and recommend ways to resolve them before they become complicated and inflect bigger damage on your garage door. Of course, he can give you helpful tips on how to keep your garage door in good shape and prevent problems from taking place.

Who will perform the tune-up?

You can tackle this task if you know what to do. But, if you don’t have enough time for it, or if you want to ensure that the tune-up is done correctly, it’s definitely advisable to call us here at Dream Garage Door Michigan. We have developed a garage door tune-up process that lets us inspect every single part  of your garage door, make the necessary repairs, and lubricate the relevant parts ― within the shortest amount of time. The perfect garage door maintenance.

How often should you have a tune-up?

The answer to this question depends on how often you use your garage door. If you normally use it twice a day, a yearly tune-up will be enough. But, if you frequently come and go and open and close your door several times a day, you’ll need to get tune-up services twice a year or more.

The age of your garage door also plays a huge part in the frequency of your tune-ups. If it’s several years old, it will need semi-annual or quarterly garage door maintenance to stay in good shape.