your garage door cables provide support to the garage door springs and help in lowering and lifting the door. Because of this, they have to be strong enough to support the weight of the door yet flexible enough to be used with pulleys and drums. Unfortunately, no matter how durable they are. they can still be affected by wear and tear or get damaged by the other parts of your door. When these happen, your cables can get frayed. This can be causing your garage door to perform poorly and even leading to accidents and injuries, then you will need more costly garage door cable repair.

garage door cable repair

With these in mind, our technicians here at Dream Garage Door Michigan make it a point to check your cables when We take a look at your garage door. We follow this process:

Garage Door Cable Repair

  1. Identify the spring system

Our technicians will check if you have torsion spring system (in which the cables are wound around drums that are located at each end of the spring shaft) or an extension spring system (which pairs springs with pulleys to lift the door). Known which spring system you have is important for our garage door repair experts since it helps them identify the right steps to take to fix your door.


  1. Check the cables

It has become a standard operating procedure for us to inspect the cables, even when they’re not a part of the main problem that the customer wants us to fix in the first place. We know how important garage door cables are to the entire garage door system, so We make it a point to check that they’re in good shape. Basically, we inspect the cables to see if they¬† have any kinks that can stop them from performing properly. We also look out for any frayed parts, which can ultimately cause your cables to break apart and put you at risk for injuries.


  1. Make the necessary repairs or replacements

If your garage door cables have frayed parts, then you need to have garage door cable repair. We will check the entire system to see if there are any protruded areas that cause the fraying. If there are, We will fix these parts to prevent further damage. If the cables are too frayed, we’ll suggest a replacement to ensure your garage door is always safe to use. We will also check the lubricant you use; heavy lubricants are not advisable since they can attract dirt and debris and cause them to accumulate on your cables.